..to yunnan's most exciting forest restoration initiative

Yunnan is a province of extremes, with landscapes ranging from tropical forests in the south and 5000m+ mountains in the northwest. 

Thanks to its diverse landscapes, Yunnan is host to a range of ecosystems and an incredible species richness. Yunnan is part of the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot.  But Yunnan’s nature is in danger. Forests have been and are being conversed to agricultural land for decennia now. Once, most of Yunnan province was covered in subtropical evergreen broadleaf forest – but today, only 5% of this forest type remains. 


It is time to act! 


For this reason, Rewild Yunnan was founded. ReWild Yunnan aims to increase Yunnan’s (sub)tropical natural forest coverage and related biodiversity levels by restoring forest land and creating wildlife corridors between forest areas, while providing sustainable livelihoods for local communities. We have projects in different subtropical locations in China’s most biodiverse province, Yunnan.


We currently have two sites in central Yunnan and are working hard to scale up our restoration efforts in the upcoming year.